Nigeria Recession Bites Harder As Heritage Bank Plc Sack 400 Staffs

The economy recession in bites harder in Nigeria and has crawl into the Nigerian banking sector with Heritage bank Pls sacking of over 400 of it staffs. Heritage Bank Plc is a commercial bank in Nigeria. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the central bank of Nigeria, the country’s banking regular with a national operating License.

[Read more…] Payment of Successful Shortlisted Verified Candidates

The payment of successful shortlisted verified candidates for the Npower programmes has commenced across the state of the federation. The payment is the stipulated N30, 000 the federal Government of Nigeria programme to pay participants of the scheme which is schedule to last for a period of two years. if you were shortlisted and went for the verification exercise at the Local Government Area of your place of residence, then you will be paid. The question am asking now is have receive your alert?

[Read more…] Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2017- Apply Here

This is to inform all prospective applicants that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Recruitment for 2017 will commence by Saturday, January 14, 2017. A total of 5,000 candidates will be selected to join the Nigeria Air Force. I will like to make it clear to you that the recruitment will be online and the steps to follow have been outline for you here.

  [Read more…] Second Batch List of Npower Successful Shortlisted Candidates- check here

The second Batch List of Npower Successful Shortlisted Candidates is eagerly being awaited by you. The Good News is that the npower list is out.

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Simple Ways to Grow Traffic on Your Blog and Website

Various simple ways to grow your new blog or existing blog abound so long you apply certain rules and principles. The key essence here is that you must be willing to devout much of your time and attention in attaining this goal. This post is in respect to my earlier article on How to grow your blog site I earlier publish. It also contain simple basic guide to also help in growing your blog and drive traffic.

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Ways of Avoiding Crowds at Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Locations in Nigeria

Ways of avoiding crowds at Automated Teller Machine popularly called ATM in Nigeria has continued to be a headache especially as the festive season draw near. You may be eager to withdraw your funds from the bank or at the ATM but due to the ever increasing crowds at the various locations of the ATM across the country you will find it hard to withdraw. Nevertheless, I have outline some simple ways for you to follow in order to avoid that crowd at the ATM this period.

[Read more…] NSCDC Recruitment 2017, APPLY HERE

The NSCDC Recruitment exercise will take place sometime in 2017.the commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corp, Mr Abdullahi Gana Muhammed gave this indication that the corp will recruit a total of 10,000 personal in its workforce in what are you waiting for. This is a great opportunity for you to apply for the recruitment as the NSCDC offers a greater chance of employment opportunity if you submit your application correctly. Here I will tell you steps to follow in order to make online application successful.

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Verification and Screening of Selected N-power Successful Shortlisted Candidates –

Npower verification and screening

Verification and screening of selected shortlisted candidates for the npower programme has commenced across the country and it is best you know what is happening at present and avail yourself if you are shortlisted and if you are still waiting for the second list coming out soon you can also read this post so as to know what to present during your verification and screening. So it beat you read through this post below;

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N-power Second Batch List of 300,000 successful shortlisted candidates:

The second batch list of 300,000 candidates is eagerly expected by all the candidates who did not see their names in the first batch. It is no longer news that the first batch list of the npower programme was released some weeks back in November 2016 and their account update is currently ongoing now but I will tell you more about the first released list as well as the second batch list.

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Father Christmas; The History and The Real Person In Santa Claus

Father Christmas

          Father Christmas

Father Christmas brings with it annual a flare of goodwill thinking for all but what is the true history and  real history behind the personality? Each year, millions of children look forward to the arrival of December 25th and its biggest quest, Santa Claus, christened Father Christmas! I remember as a child, we usually write out list of gift items expecting him to come along with, by the night of December 25th. Children all over the world adore him. In one recent year, the French postal service receives nearly 800,000 letters for him-mainly from children between three and eight years of age. With his bushy white beard and red robe edge in white fur, the affable figure of Santa Claus seems one of the most popular aspects of the holiday festivities. Can you remember this important children quest was burnt to death, precisely some 50 years ago in Dijon, France. Thus on December 23, 1951, Father Christmas was ‘executed’ in front of some 250 children.

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