Simple Steps to a Better Financial Security

                      Financial security

Do you know that having a better financial security have been a fair understanding for you and all, and I guess you have imagine it for some time now? It is true that everyone desire to be financially independent and self reliant but some fail to follow certain simple steps to financial security. But what is financial security and how do you think you can achieve this. Her I will explain to you.

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The waiting is over and we are happy to inform you that apply for the 2016 federal Inland Revenue recruitment exercise (FIRS), that the list of successfully shortlisted candidates has been released online. You can check yours as you carefully read this post below;


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N-power Scheme Begins Giving out of Free Electronic Devices; How to get yours

Npower scheme of the federal government on npower teach has started giving out free electronic devices of tablets to all participant (successfully verified candidates) of the npower programme.

I know a lot of you are still having problems with your login details and payment issues. This will be resolve here as well so the main topic now is how to get your free tablets being given to you by the federal government in order to aid your posting and teaching to various places.

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Ultimate Cycler: Five Facts to Know Before Registering

Ultimate cycler is another scheme that has flooded the Nigerian online platform. On the scheme, a participant pays or pledges to give assistance in the tune of N12500 and get paid by the tune of N50, 000 within a week. But it’s that true and what are the real facts about ultimate cycler? Here I will tell you five facts you need to know before registering for this ponzi scheme. Please apply caution before participating in any of the scheme online here in Nigeria.

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What Is Insurance Policy and How to Go About It

I know in Nigeria today, the word insurance sound so plain. Not everyone knew about and or what the insurance policy is talking about. We have various form of insurance policy especially here in Nigeria and I think you may not be aware of anyone. But come to think of it, you need an insurance policy or cover if you want the very best out from life and its best you read this post more to find out in details what it an insurance policy and how to go about it.

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Konga Nigeria intern & Kadets program Recruitment 2017: Apply Here

This is to inform the general public that Konga intern and kadets programme recruitment for 2017 has commenced. You can now make your  online recruitment and inform all your friends about the process of application online.

Before you begin your online application its best you read and know more about the company called


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NPOWER NEW UPDATES: Redeployment of Shortlisted Candidates and How to Go About It.

Redeployment for shortlisted candidates

The new update on npower programme is about candidate’s redeployment from where they were initially posted to places or location nearer to their place of residence. Many of the shortlisted candidates like you are confused about the npower programme now as some of you have not been paid while some were deployed to local government areas far from their places of residence local government areas. Thank god you found this post. It will clarify all the issues for you.

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Access bank 2017 office admin, Trainee & internship Job Recruitment: Apply Here

The Access bank 2017 office admin, Trainee & internship Job Recruitment has commence online and all interested candidates and applicants are now called upon to apply now. You will have to follow the laid down requirements in order to make your application go well.

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February 2017: What You Need To Know About This Special Month in This Time of the Year

February 2017 is here again and there are some things you need to know about this year’s February as it comes with lots of special attachment to it. This February 2017 cannot come in your lifetime again. because, this year February has 4 Sundays, 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays and 4 Saturdays. This happens once every 823 years and it is called the money bags by the Chinese. But how special is this month and how would it bring you luck financially? Do you know that there was a February 30 in ancient times? Please continue and enjoy this post. I made it especially for you as my valentine gift.

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Npower Monthly Stipends and Payment Issues: How to resolve them and Get Paid –

I know a lot of Npower participants that were selected for the 1st batch of 200,000 candidates have been having payments issues even after they have been verified. It almost a month and yet they are yet to receive their monthly stipends of N30, 000. While some have receive the stipends for December 2016 and even the January 2017 stipends, some are yet to receive any and it’s so frustrating. I have receive a lot of calls and I felt sorry for most of them especially when you hear you have been disqualified or posted away from you residence or local government are. While am here to tell you how you can resolve this issue and get paid immediately.

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