Structured Settlement: How to sell a Structured Settlement and make money from it

Structured settlement can be described as a legal settlement and can be seen to earn you money if well applied. A structured settlement is a legal settlement paid out over time, usually through an annuity. They are usually intended to help pay for medical bills and make living with injuries from an accident easier to manage. It is a comforting, predictable income. So how do you make money from this investment, here I will explain more.

[Read more…] 2017 N-power Agro List of Shortlisted Candidates- check full list here

This is to inform all those applicants who applied for the 2017 N-power Agro Job recruitment that the list of candidates shortlisted for the pre-selection screening and physical verification has been released. This can be seen from this website if you follow detail instructions and guide laid down.

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2017 N-Power Tax List of Pre-selected shortlisted Candidates: check list here –

This is to inform all the 2017 N-power applicants who submitted online application for the N-power job recruitment exercise in the category of N-power Tax, also known as VAIDS has shortlisted names of candidates who were pre-selected for the physical verification and screening stage. please follow detail instructions here and how to check your names.

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2017 Nigerian Navy Recruitment Batch 27 List of Shortlisted Candidates for Aptitude Test – view full list here

This is to the general public and all applicants who applied for the Nigerian navy recruitment exercise for 2017 that the batch 27 list of shortlisted candidates for the Aptitude test is out. This is for all candidates who participated in the recruitment exercise and partake in the screening examination held in July. Please follow the instructions here to check the list and see if you have been shortlisted.

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5 Ways to Deal with Stomach Ulcers and Chest Pain: Prevention and Treatment -A Personal Diary of Valentine202

This is a classic article about stomach ulcers and chest pains as I write to bring you a personal detail about two of health institutions dreaded illness. Stomach ulcers and chest pains have continued to affect millions of people around the world and yet no one seems to find out how this medical illness has come to affect us all. Here I will give a personal detail account of the subject matter and how I personally overcome it with the simple ways I will outline for you below as you continue to read.

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2017 N-power Recruitment List of Shortlisted Pre-selected Candidates: – Check Here

This will come as a surprise to all applicants but the list of successful pre-selected candidates for the 2017 N-power job recruitment exercise has been released. All candidates who register for the N-power recruitment and who were able to login and wrote the online assessment test can now check here to see if they were pre-selected for the physical verification and screening schedule later this year.

[Read more…] List of Pre-Selected Candidates for N-Power 2017 Job Recruitment – Check Here

The list of pre-selected candidates for the 2017 N-power Job recruitment has been released. The 2017 N-power job recruitment Assessment test will end by August 31st and all candidates who applied for the recruitment are now advice to check their names on the portal to see if they have been pre-selected for the next stage of the job recruitment exercise.

[Read more…] N-Power Teach Device Selection and How to select the device – Click Here to Start

The 2017 N-power Job recruitment which stated in June has now enter its next stage of examination for candidates who applied for the programme. Do you know that in the course of answering the questions, you are to select a device that will be needed to enhance your teaching capability? What is these device and how do you select them? Here, you will be told on how to get the device and where to get them from the various device vendors across the country.

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The little island of Guam- The US island territory North Korea plan to target with its medium range missiles.

North Korea said it would complete plans by the middle August 2017 to fire four intermediate – range missiles over Japan to land near the US pacific island territory of Guam, but the US said if such happen, the North will be surprise at its deadly strikes. This could mean world war three and the start of a nuclear war, but what is Guam and where is this tiny island nation located? Here I will tell you.

[Read more…] Directorate for Technical Aid Corps (TAC) Recruitment Exercise 2017-2019 Biennium- Apply Here

We are pleased to inform you that the biennium recruitment into the Directorate for Technical Aid Corps (TAC) has commenced, thus the Directorate of Technical Aid Corps, Ministry of Foreign Affairs is by this announcement, inviting suitable qualified Nigerians for recruitment as Volunteers into the Nigerian Technical Aid Corps Scheme. So follow the details outline below and make your application a success.

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